Saturday, June 4, 2016

A few things to do while I take an editing break...

21 Creative Approved Pranksters' Ways

To Drive Someone Crazy Discreetly

(and keep yourself busy while I concentrate on editing!)

1. Whilst my friend and co-worker took a break one day 
I plugged a wireless mouse into the back of his computer. 
For the past two weeks I occasionally jog the mouse, and he's slowly driven insane by it.
2. The penny trick works great.Start by leaving a penny on yours friends desk, chair, coat
pocket, you know, places where you would expect to find a penny. leave one a day for a while varying the locations.Then start leaving them in shoes.Socks. Bed. Pillow case. At first they will ignore the penny but eventually it will bug them.Took my roommate 3 weeks until he stroked out one night after finding a penny embedded in his bar of soap. I highly recommend this. Drives them mad.
3. My sister was really passive-aggressive towards her roommate.She used to eat all the berries out of Kellog's Red Berries cereal but leave a small amount enough so she thought Kellog's was just being an asshole.
4. Guy at work was complaining that his spoons were slowly disappearing from the lunch room. He had brought 6 to work and he was down to 2. Everyone else in his lab hatched this plan: every time someone sent him an email, at the bottom, in white text (i.e. invisible unless highlighted), everyone would write "SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON". We all did this for several weeks (he had a gmail account) and that's when he started losing his mind: every website he visited had ads for spoons and flatware! He thought google was reading his mind.
5. Try to open a bag of chips quietly, for an hour.
6. Smile all the time.
7. When you're talking to one of your friends or somebody you know, always stand just a little
too close, or a little too far away.
8. Mail them three pink ping pong balls every day with no explanation or return address, do this for years, then one day send them a single
green one, and stop.
9. I went out and bought six interior left hand doors. All of our interior doors were right handed. I cut plugs to fill the strike-plate& hinge mortises, and every few weeks I change out a door or two, right hands for left, left for right. It only takes about twenty minutes now: pull the door, plug the mortises, spackle the plug seam, chisel the plug from the opposite side, hang the opposite door and sweep up. I painted the first few times, but it's a white jamb and I decided the paint smell was more suspicious than the unpainted spackle. It's a thin seam, and my wife wouldn't even know where to look.She's never said anything about it, but I've seen her grasp the air where a doorknob used to be a hundred times.

10. Sing the Batman theme song (Na na na na) over and over 
but never say the Batman part. You build everyone up for it and it's just not there!
11. If you know somebody that has a house phone and uses it daily, or someone at the office
with one, every day get in early, and take it apart and add one penny. Repeat this for months on end until it is a lot heavier than it used to be. Then, one day, take all of the pennies out and laugh as they smack themselves in the face with the phone.
12. Change the internet explorer icon to the chrome icon
13. Every time their sports team loses, tie a red balloon to their car. Over time, the stimulus of the red balloon will become attached to the sadness of their team losing in their psyche. Then, simply show them a red balloon to
reduce them to tears.
14. Repeat the last two words of their sentence
15. I spent a whole day crinkling a disposable water bottle every time I took a sip. Not crushing it, just a little crinkle. It caused a minor freak out at about 2 in the afternoon.
16. Take their iPod and replace all of their songs with the Kidz Bop version.
17. When you are talking to someone, keep looking at one, specific spot on their face, like a side of their nose or something.Don't stare at it all the time, but enough. If they ask if there's something on their face, act like you don't know what they are talking about. It doesn't take that long when they can't remember what they were talking about.
Step 1.) Become an excellent pickpocket.
Step 2.) Specialize in placing things into people's pockets.
Step 3.) Place strange things into their pockets while no one is watching.
19. While walking outside in a crowded area, start looking up in the sky, shade with your hand, point upwards and whisper something to whoever you walk with.Then take note how many other people will spend some time trying to figure out what you just saw in the sky.
20. Never finish your
21. Sew someone's sleeve button a little closer every few weeks so the person feels like their arms are swelling.