Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A special Beta-Reading & Review Service!

 Every writer needs Beta Readers.
Not every writer has available Beta Readers surrounding him.
And lets face it:
Those willing test readers befriended or related
may not always be able to give unbiased feedback ;)
Now you might get lucky to find test-readers on various webpages,
but what they will give you may depend on their
experience, time and willingness.
You could end up with a puzzling one liner as in
"I liked it" or "it sucked" - without further insight.
So if you want more, a Beta reader charging for their 
invaluable service and time may be the best for you!
A paid Beta will certainly put more effort in supplying you with
the feedback you need and specified to better your scribblings.
So if your intrigued and searching, I have a recommendation:

Megan Starkweather from StarkyReviews!

Megan is deeply in love with books and the mission to help writers
get the best out of their manuscripts. 
She is extremely helpful but no nonsense:
So if you only want to be praised, this may not be for you  ;)
But if you want to polish your work until it sparkles, 
then you find a critical accomplice and professional reader in Megan! 

Here's what Megan says on her Welcome-Page:

 "Thank you for joining me. My name is Megan Starkweather and I am here to help authors with their books. If you are looking for a Beta Reader, you've come to the right place. My average reading time is 3-4 days, however please allow me some extra time to review your manuscript thoroughly. I will let you know as soon as I start, give you a full review with my thoughts and opinions as soon as I am done or chapter by chapter if you ask. I also work with Word online, where we can work together on your document if you wish. I've found this is a great way to ask real time questions and get answers quickly. Keep in mind I am only one person and can only read one book at a time so there may be a wait list.
I read almost anything, including works that are not finished. If I decline to read your book, it may not be your writing, but my qualifications to assist you on your journey. A full refund will be provided if I decline to read your book after I have started..."

And here you can read what she looks for: Starky Reviews Remember a Beta-Reader is not an editor - she'll point out what works (or doesn't) concerning plot, story arch, characters etc. but don't expect a Beta to do your job of cleaning up spelling and grammar ;)