Sunday, January 31, 2016

End Bullying - stop teen-suicide!

So this is basically what I have been doing 
all the weeks and weeks and weeks
of NOT writing:

My mind has been filled with all these stories and my nights have been busy with talking to kids who have no place to go but are engrossed 
with thoughts of leaving for good.
It's been tense months since April 2nd 2015 
when Raymond Howell Jr made just that decision.
I should have been able to continue as usual.
To feel sad, but move on without another glance.
After all every day news are full of  sad stories.
Heck, my entire life is one unbelievable movie script.
Pathetic some would say. And did.
Sadness only touches in small doses, 
it never moves when there's too much.
And still I'm here.
Because helping others takes the focus from your own.
And THAT's the pain I can't deal with.

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