Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I've been out of order...

Between frantic Authonomy visits 
- I was the last and turned the light off, yes I did! - 
mourning the loss and trying to figure out what it was 
that I wanted to start again once Autho-time was over... 
I discovered that meanwhile summer had disappeared 
and somehow merged into a type of early winter 
- ARRGH - 
I lost myself. 

And one or the other plant I tried to move in in time, but got sidetracked rolling up hoses. 
Some of which are still leaning against trees because I found nuts on the way. 
Oh yes, there's a pile somewhere, but then I remembered that the stray cats 
should have a little cat house... 
So what was this all about...?! 
Yeah, I kinda forgot about that...