Thursday, September 4, 2014

Writer on strike...

I did something outrageous today. 
I went on strike. 
No writing. Nada. 
I didn't even turn my computer on! 
Well, I did now - for you - to fill you in - but I filled nothing in my manuscript. I didn't even read it. Ok, that would have been hard with the computer off. But - I went even beyond that! 
Yes, I totally ignored them and their little nagging voices in my head! 
No, I was NOT procrastinating! Who said that? YOU! Yes, you, right in front of the screen reading this, what do you think YOU are doing right now, mhh?!
No, I made that conscious decision to walk away from my teenagers, their stories and my world this Morning. Why? Because for the first time I had nothing I wanted to tell them or discuss with them.
Let it rest before you head back is what they say and I think it's a brilliant idea. After rewriting for the past three months, changing the first pages for the xt-time and reading over stuff that just didn't sound like me anymore, I needed this break. No, It's not writer's block - ideas for book two would still be accessible if I had the peace to turn to it yet. Alas #1 and I - we are not done yet. 
When doubts are planted... 
Yeah, think I continue my vacation tomorrow. I will tell you more after that - 
once I'm done chewing this chocolate bar in frustration!