Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wahh! I'm in Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent contest, call appropriate writer's helpline...

Hello world. I've become a victim.
A victim of Miss Snark's First Victim.
After all the fuss with my manuscript, the bending to the will of writer's board critiques because of my unique voice due to my bilingualism and the hiding under my carpet because I lost any sense of and trust in my writing, I dared... Well, I dared to enter a 250 words intro contest, than panicked and almost withdrew again when the impossible happened and my entry was drawn.
 It was drawn damn it all and back! 
I wasn't ready for that! 
Since the minute the e-mail came I went into hysterical anxiety, with all kinds of wrongs in my story and plot popping up in my head. The voices in my head got into fits and shouting bouts and ripped at my hair from inside. My characters are slumped on my sofa, some weeping, some suffering stomach cramps - on might think THEY will be critiqued and get kicked! Stupid lot. They're all hiding behind my back of course while I have to shoulder the roughening up. 
Yes - you MC - you are the only one in those 250 words - and I swear if you mess up, I'm gonna do something really horrible to you! You might even get killed! Well, not right away or I would need to rewrite that darn thing again. But I have the power - so beware. 
Yes, I know you're already too emotional and I shouldn't yell at you.
What do you mean I sent you out before YOU where ready?!
You know what - you're alone out there - don't come back crying 
and if you start talking while I sleep again I will send you to Miss Snark indefinitely.
You can talk to Thierry here:
His number is 43. Tell him to be home by dinner.
Did I mention he is pretty sensitive?