Sunday, September 14, 2014

The writer and fear...

I first thought I would apologize first for the absence of the last couple of days. Alas as it turns out, my blog-absence has provided me with 
some very interesting and useful insights. 
One I want to share with you in my ten (yes plus) lines today.
I was at a business conference held by the company of a wonderful product I have been drinking for over a year and which has improved my health in incredible ways. While the tenor of the convention is directed in positive spiking up of consumers and members alike, this extremely empathic company also offers a business opportunity that is approved and proven to work. Yet, there is that fear that keeps many at bay - myself included. You see hundreds of people there who are obviously successful with something they believe in and that you have no reason to doubt (I use the product with great results for a year and a half and even my doctor goggled at my improved blood tests) and yet we fearful bunnies lean back and sadly shake our heads. 
Not for us. It sure works for others, but...
What happened?
It's quite simple.
We have fallen to our lying ancient brain.
 We have that brain software that hasn't been updated in centuries and thus that lump of grey stuff still insists whenever something new comes up that we are in mortal danger. But it measures ancient experiences of our race by instances that have nothing to do with the past.
That phone in front of you awaiting you to make that call? 
It's highly unlikely to turn into a black panther! 
Neither are those submission guidelines poisonous snakes ready to set their teeth into you as result of a declaration of war against your self-confidence. 
Those people at a writing conference you should talk to? 
They aren't another tribe that came to overrun your village 
to steal your children or your wives and cut down the men!
And that agent over there part of you is dying to get to know? 
Possibly her or his brain visualizes a lion approaching to take their head of 
the minute you step in their direction as well!
So what to do to gain prevalence and knock brain down a peg - 
one that makes sense in OUR century?
Oh the theory is easy and there is a fine solution to the problem:
Take a step back, breathe and give yourself 20 seconds 
- yes, just TWENTY seconds! -
before you react and then just go for it! If you trick brain out of that short emergency plan execution the phone stays a phone, the submission guidelines are just a few written rules, the tribe turns into like-minded people probably just as unsure as you and even that agent might be able to acknowledge that kitten in a civil manner.
So just try to push the brain pause button the next time fear in whatever situation threatens to knock you out and keeps you from following your dream and goals - you really deserve that update and brain will actually be quite happy to get a break because it takes an awful lot of energy to run away...
You two can do it!