Monday, September 22, 2014

How to drink like your favorite author...

 I always thought writers lived on coffee.
(And chocolate bars)
Alas it has come to my attention that authors appear to strive on a variety of liquids.
And it appears there are two categories:
Those that drink because they can't write;
And those that drink because they write better.
(the latter apparently only stop to edit)
Having lived through editing hell lately
and having arrived at the bottom of writer's soul,
I am beginning to consider if I should not better start at this stage.
Well once I get over the taste of alcohol.
Plus - writer's depression or not -
I still have a living room full of teenage characters
and I have to set a good example.
Not that they pay much attention to my suffering lately,
slumped into my chair with a box of tissues:
As long as they have chips and sodas
they are content.
Totally forgot they were supposed to rescue a world...
If you need to forget as well, here are some tips: