Friday, August 22, 2014

Syncing your writing with dropbox... Scrivener

Ok, so I had a procrastination day and decided to focus my attention on where to save my MS. Sounded like a useful thing to do. I work in Scrivener - I shall introduce you to writer's heaven another day - it's another over-the-top ten lines rule thing. Scrivener happily saves my progress every minute and backs it up upon closing. Alas I work on a PC and a Mac and thus have my project on this sweet little USB-stick. Since I've had USB sticks turn monster before - especially between these two systems - I saved until now my projects to different regions of the planet called hardware - until the notion struck me that like in my story doom may lay ahead for this world one unsuspecting day.
I checked clouds. I've always loved clouds - and their different shapes - especially during summer.

Turns out the virtual clouds come in different shapes too - some are bigger, some charge you to drift on them. Google Drive would have been my first choice alas the inhabitants of scrivener-word screamed of havoc descending on my manuscript if I did (because Scrivener is a feisty but multilayer
system that most clouds have problems to progress).
Dropbox then. Now Scrivener Mac version has that nice built in sync thingy that works great with dropbox. Would be perfect - IF the windows version would have the same tool.
Nope. Not yet.
I questioned the wise scriveners to see if I could just save my entire project to dropbox instead of my stick and simply work from there?
I may - master Robert Guthrie advised - BUT not without bending to the rules of the house - and I can see why he stretched that, because scrivener got once REALLY pissed at me, because I had not ejected the stick properly on the PC. It simply refused to play with me until I went back to insert again and reject properly before inserting it in my MacBook. Now if you have an entire first draft on that stick, you're instantly bathed when that tiny screen of "opening error" appears and you are locked out of your own world!

So here are the magic rules - I assume they work everywhere else as well:

close scrivener, move/copy your project to your Dropbox folder. Let it sync up all changes to the cloud.

1. Open the project (which is stored in your dropbox folder) in Scrivener. WRITE (that's essential!)
2. Close your project.
3. Monitor the Dropbox icon to make sure it is syncing,
and when it finishes.
Once 3 is done, then your project is stored on the Dropbox servers,
ready to be downloaded to another computer.
4. Log on to your other computer.
5. If it was already running & connected to the internet,
the sync may have already happened. If you just booted up,
look for DB to start and finish syncing the files of your project.
Go to #1.

That's blond-safe I believe ;) I shall keep you informed if it worked on both machines. Once I have the courage to open it somewhere. Think I continue procrastinating just a tad longer - until my MS decides to land or so ...