Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybe you're a good writer, but you still need a lucky fairy... Really?!

 Today I want you to visit another blog as there is no way I can explain the subject and my own feelings about this in the ten sentences I promised (and which I never manage in truth - honestly if I'd stick to the plan of compensating you the over the top day, then my next blog would probably appear close to December...
With two manuscripts in the forever-revising-contest and the hovering cloud of "when will they be ready to send out in earnest" over my desk, the following guest-article really snapped me to full attention. I hit my head on the light in the progress.
#Author Mary Farmer on "The passive voice" "Is it all a matter of luck?"
When you read through all the wise suggestions around the web, you come to the point that that's indeed what you need. I mean you can study all the submission guidelines and could still hit the worst of all days: Coffee is out, dog puked on Agent, she/he just caught the magic "no, that's exactly what I don't need" virus, your words arrive with 132 other similar sounding ideas in a crowded mailbox, somebody dumps a box with chocolate on your maybe print-out - sticking it to the bottom in a 98° office...
The article was somewhat encouraging, although I am not sure I have THAT much time - I mean if my hour arrives I might already be lost in dementia and can't even remember what the heck you're talking about!
But don't just stop there: I recommend reading the comments as well, because there are some wise people out there. Not as encouraging after all, but one stuck in mind: the thing about being "good".
It has a little bit to do with self-confidence. If you feel it's good, you will learn and work and read and work some more - and believe in yourself and your work. And if that sparkles out of your eyes and your manuscript - maybe the good-luck-fairy invites her mate thumbs-up to the ball somewhat sooner!