Sunday, August 31, 2014

Busy writing query letters... (just in case you missed me ;) )

Where I am the curious reader might ask?
I am in absolute writer's hell.
No, actually I will be once I am ready...
But I am advancing and am bathed already!
I spent the entire weekend searching and forming individual query-letters.
Yes, those horrible thing that you have to send out 
and then starves in a slush pile after you have spent all your nerves on it.
copyright at   
And you know what is the absolute horror?
Upload forms.
So you copy and paste.
Hit send.
And then you realize that you have copy and pasted the wrong query.
With the polite and individual greeting for another agent.
Guess I won't hear from THAT agency.
Better concentrate on the 13 drafts still in my mailbox.
Yep. THEY are addressed correctly.
I checked 37 times.
Wait... brb.