Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy critter-ing away... but beware when you finish that book!

Thought I share with you how I felt last weekend 
after finishing of a manuscript I was critter-ing for another writer:

It has happened many times before - stories just become alive around me once my imagination is sparked, my heart won over and my living room is soon bursting with unseen people I am more to be willing to meet and feel with. Sure, that's not unusual, but in addition to my own characters it can become quite crowded. But I don't mind - if a story captured me I actually hate to see them go at the end.

While my own linger, there lives pressing on whether I'm behind the keyboard or not, these guests dissolve when I put down the book or manuscript. (Yep, my characters might see that as a moment to rejoice, but I definitely don't!)

It's rare to get sucked into a critter manuscript - most are in an between state - with air and life slowly being pumped into them with each new round of crittering. Most you don't even see a second time. But this one was whole and I was thoroughly shaken when I realized that I might not see these characters again in a very long time - after all book one wasn't even out, so who knew when the critter writer would actually move on to number two and keep me on track with all the things happening meanwhile to those she got me acquainted with?! Just think about my earlier post on "the little prince" - I was after all responsible for them now as well, just as I am still for that little fox!

How tigger-bouncy-joyously happy was I when this Morning an attachment arrived in my mailbox. The manuscript had been worked over and with new twists my attention was asked for again! What a pitch-wonderful surprise - and what a happy reunion in my living room! Yeah, my characters may not be happy about me spending so much time with other teenagers, but even they have been moping around all week, rather subdued and not focusing on their own problems. Nee, they won't say so - teenagers - but they love to have the others back I know!

So we shall make good use of the additional time we have been granted together.
Probably should read waaayyyy slower this time too - maybe not what the writer has in mind, but we just can't deal with this kind of heartache again any time soon -
Sorry Alisa ;)