Thursday, July 10, 2014

Writing Inspirations...

Now that I am in an in-between state - as in between polishing book one of three and listening to the babble of my characters what will happen in number two - so we can advance to the final show-down - and who will take front stage this time, I can actually look over my shoulder. To pretend there are 
A - other things one might write about
B - I actually have a life apart from writing.
I know it sounds utterly crazy, but just to humor the world I thought I give it a chance to talk to me:
So as I had breakfast this Morning - in my lounger turned to face the open window, feet propped up on my unheated heater, my fox appeared. Well, maybe not my fox as in earlier fox stories, but maybe the cub of one of the cubs. 
It still knows where it came from. Sneaked up the cat ladder, grabbed the - hey have a little snack while you're out, Momo - catbowl and carried it off. Orange fox with orange bowl scuttling down the catladder.
Momo yawned.
Means fresh bowl and fresh food for her.
There's some story hidden in there.
Drove towards my - 5,5 week - reha-welness-tell-us-your-kind-of-crazy - assignment, and turns out all cars (I am keeping myself from using literal here, because I don't want to get my virtual finger slapped) were robbed of there indicators. 
All of them. Not one during a 45 min drive.
Aliens? A governmental force taking over to force us all into a straight line?
I tried to get a better look at the intense "don't look at me I hate this Morning faces". No clue.
I smell another story here.
Arrived at the green building that is supposed to calm my nerves and challenge my mind. Gymnastics. (No again I shall refrain from using the word literal). I stretched, I jumped, I grinned.

I followed and participated in the let's find rules for this group challenge. Insists a lady it's all about how you say it. In a tone that connects my jaws with iron clamps to keep them from opening. Someone mentions critique. She all but hisses and growls and spits like my cat when one of the strays stops by for nourishment: It's all about...
Now I know! It's definitely going to be a murder story!
Not going to tell you who the killer is though.
I need to stay incognito.
And that was only the first four hours of my day, it continued with tons more of inspiration. But you know what? It's just too much information. I think I stay with my nutty fantasy kids and their world - the real one just gives me headaches!

Note on the side: Wonder where I was the last two days?
So do I!