Sunday, July 6, 2014

Writer's are nuts - so let's be crazy!

From tomorrow on I shall spend six weeks trying to find myself - I'm told it's good for me.
I always know where I am - either here or in SHONDOREEN
Not so difficult.
 I go where the voices tell me to go - and my characters can be pretty insistent!
Alas I live in a bureaucratic country where everything not involving a 9 to 5 day-job is strange:
Can you live from that thing you do? Writing? 
Nope, but I still do it. Of course! What else could I do?
 But, I'll be a good girl and allow others to discover if I'm useful at anything else.
A writer's social reha type of!
Who suggested that writers are social? We have WORLDS in our heads!
We are happy to tell you about the worlds in our heads!
And we will even introduce you to our invisible friends (not for us of course).
Sure some of them aren't very nice and once in a while we even kill one,
but generally it's a pretty normal and stable environment.
That's nuts too?
I should do something - real?
Well, let me tell you one thing:

 How do you think we manage these worlds if we would be - normal?!
But I shall tell you about that - six weeks long - until you're graving to read about it!
Yep, there are other people who would call a writer's world real too.
We call them agents and publishers, but they are an incredible shy species.
But once I catch one, I will drag it over and show it, ok?
Yep, I still come and allow myself to be wellnessed for a while. I like actually that! 
 Not so much that I will have less time to write.
But I'll read during breaks - oh for heaven's no not the helpful stuff you want me to to boost my life.
The craziness of others like me!
I shall even critique. I rarely have time for that anyhow.
So thanks for the opportunity!
And my dear visitors: know what? They want me to paint! 
Oh, and then there's that workshop I am supposed to attend - to see if I like that:
I thought writing is... ? Know what:

I will bring my laptop.