Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Social Media Platform Bug - serious infection! NOT!!

Ok, I followed the advice and after book-proposal turned my attention to platform building two days ago. And you know what? Twitter is the best procrastinating tool I have encountered so far! Until I discovered that you can actually sign up to a service that will welcome new followers for you, I was tumbling over greeting each one single handed. And that darn thing gets so confusing after a while that I welcomed some twice. Not anymore.
Thanks to justunfollow. And I keep getting informed who is divorcing me again as well. What for haven's sake have I tweeted to make you leave again after 24 hours?! I see future twitter-therapy in my future. And if not for that than for the tick I developed yesterday. I am nt the phone type person. I usually ignore it and even my closest friends refrain from calling and usually send me a text or e-mail instead. So I am plainly not used to that darn thing making sounds at me. Continuously.

I am queen of my life and thus I ignored that beeping at first.
Darn insisting that thing.
I peeped at it.
You have a new follower!
Uh - Ah - I what? Ehhaa!! Ok, now who followed me? And why. Gotta read through their tweets. And profiles. Ok most likely they followed me because I followed about a thousand people during the past two days and they just clicked some type of return button. And if they unfollow tomorrow I shall haunt them in their writing dreams!! Found all of them with the magic sign!
Which is the wise reader may ask?!
Cool, ah?! Search the world for writers and any fragment related to it and suddenly you have - friends! Followers even! I'm building my magic media-platform-army! And what for? Because I could be investigated to see if humanity acknowledges I'm alive!
And I am. My cell tells me so!
If you will excuse me now, I hear this sound again.
But I think I will turn it off this night...