Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inspire others or get inspired!

I go with the second line today. 
Well, I intended to go with the second line today...
Now that I have collected the fragments of this day,
I wonder if I should turn it into a nightstory -
you won't have any sleeping problems -
or hope that standing around and
hoping inspiration or a piece of the sky
will drop on me and spin me into hack-the-keyboard action.
Maybe there WAS some more...
The visiting stray cat fell off the cat ladder when I opened the window.
Original cat jumped from sleep into fight-pawing raindrops 
running down outside same window.
Before dropping back into sleep-mode in an instant.
I still pick corn, carrot pieces and beans out of my carpet 
after dropping the hot bowl.
While inspecting a coffee machine a door jumped up on me 
and marked me with a huge bump.
The bump is accompanied by humongous blue spot, 
which was welcomed by it's twin
(arrived earlier when a garden chair attacked me 
while I was searching for fireflies).
Oh and my car has a wonderful new fresh smell: orangejuice!
It came from the back and insisted on cleaning the windshield inside in flight.
I can now stick notes to the glass.
And tomorrow I am sure sun-magic 
will transform my car into a sss (special-sour-stench-bomb)
Which is good to have. 
If you meet not so nice people at a crossing you just roll the window down.
If you're still breathing that is.
Actually after a boring day like this I'm really looking forward to 
a good-night-sleep.
As soon as I have fixed my bed.
It broke down this Morning.