Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Critter Groups

 Let's talk about critters! No, not the one in the movie which give you nightmares beyond your world and character's - although I have come across those as well...

As with everything you can't just stumble in a earth-hole and expect to find the right critter right away! If you expect to, it's clear you might get bitten by frustrated critters, who are just not groomed to be around crazy writer's...

I mean first you need to sniff about until you find the correct burrow that houses critters. Once there you need study how they live - aka become one of them - feed them in a certain manner - Critter etiquette! - and after a while you might be lucky to attract them to yourself.

Then you need to be patient and don't scare them away! Just listen to the little voices and thank them for what they offer. None of their gifts are chiseled in stone, but you might get some precious advice.
For those who don't own home-grown critters these are priceless!

I rarely encounter mine twice, but I am always excited to hear from new ones!

What are your Experiences?
Where are your critters hiding?
Mine live here: http://www.critters.org/