Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cara or Carys? Name your Character part 2

Ok, poll is still open as it continues to tie:
Cara or Carys?

She has a twin brother named Camlyn. She's the confident and outgoing. Not in awe of anybody, speaks her mind, quite focused, but also a rebel. Can be fun, unless she thinks the other falls short of her expectations. (I tell, my poor protagonist goes through hell sometimes!)
Can't understand why there's no choice for Shondoreen?!

After all the renaming last week, she felt left out and questioned her own name - Cara until now. I told her she won't get a new letter as her twin is very happy with his and we won't start the name-roulette again.

So the above are the choices she has now, but of  ourse she won't make up her mind as she usually wants the opposite from the last comment. 
I told her she gets the one that has most votes by tomorrow evening.