Monday, July 14, 2014

Blog Wordcount - OMG!

Reading my own blog, I just realized I broke my own rule. Can I blame writer's amnesia?! 
I mean with all these voices in my head - if you count those together I really didn't surpass my ten-lines-keep-this-blog-short-statute: Each of my characters... mmhh? No? Ok. I tell you what - when I get in a rambling kind-a-mood I promise to take a break next day or only post some eeny-weeny quote and pic to compensate, oki? We know we can do that. Because in that case we just have a conference in the living room instead. Some critter-critiques are due anyhow and those will call for changes, which will result in quite a few ruffled feathers again. The discussion in general I could live with, it's the sleepless nights that have me worried. When they try to outdo the others by whispering in my ear... Just writer's problems! 

(10! The narrow space line break doesn't count!!)