Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keep it short and simple, sassy!

I exceeded my ten lines yesterday and apologize - for all it's worth, someone might have found it useful
? But there are already enough writer's blogs filled with hours worth of insights and advice, so I'll try to stick with my "give them the quick inspiration or hint and let them get back to work" type of message. Hope that's ok with everybody? If you need a longer break you can always turn to one of the blogs I follow myself - or just get a cup of coffee!
If that isn't enough to full your break let me know and I shall conjure more words for you. Alas I'm not sure I can expel all the wise Gods and Goddesses of writing which already roam the digital world. I'm better at trying to make you smile - or fall off your chair trashing about hysterical. Either because it's so hysterical - I believe my life is, well I am - or so utterly boring.
I shall not come to pick you up either way. Someone would call it procrastinating again.
Uhah - ten! So I send you out of my burrow with this: