Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Did you miss me? I did!

Ok. Here we go. Two manuscripts later - hovering in a state between perceived draft 137 - I return to this blog, chewed on, spit out and dragged through the mud.
I have just done an ecclesiastic research on writer's blogs: Do these people have 36 hour days?! The incredible long - and smart - posts would take a chunk out of my "hey, I am writing, don't disturb me procrastinating time"!
Well, I shall try to spit out my ten sentences (maybe more) every day now if I don't get lost in writer's hell or get sucked into my computer aka virtual world. Shandoreen is where I spend most of my waking - and sleeping - hours right now and basically it's wonderful!
Why? Because you don't need to write a Query-letter, book-proposal or need to find an agent to get in!
And no - it is NOT procrastinating to spend eternities on the net to research either one of these three and get stuck between confusing and opposing demands on "How-to-do" pages. Alas the last time I hoped on this research train juggling the "what to avoid when writing" I almost stopped for good. Guess I better go back to doing it my way - and celebrate today's thirteen lines with some sparkling.
Darn. Should edit.