Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The "Let's get more excercise" New Years resolution...

It's impossible to count how many times I have heard this one already THIS year and that one is barely over a week old!
I actually got one of those 5-minute-shapers myself - YEARS ago, before the hype started really.
I put it up, found a space for that thing to live and managed to pull my a.. up a few times - probably five and no I did not do one a minute (which would actually be a fitness program that I think I might be able to hold on to ;) )
After those few initial "slide-ups" which left me totally out of breath (and yes, even with that tiny measure my tummy hurt like hell the next Morning!!). I repeated that procedure with not much more success - basically my goal was to at least make it a minute... pfff - but left it there and eventually found something to cover it up nicely (it's now a playground for Momo).
BUT - and I was really good in that one - I did Powerplate for the past years and enjoyed that a lot!
Until my studio developed "personal" problems and after the fifth team in a year, I left last summer and decided to try what everybody else seems to be addicted to - the sofa.
And than happened the unthinkable:
I WON a half-year-membership at a woman's fitness studio!
I was aghast.
Just what I needed - a studio with ladies only - in my mind I could see all the styled up fitness-queens - I was convinced I would need a make-over plus a stylist every time I would want to got there...
How could that have happened??? Must have been the sofa & filling out random puzzles... darn

Well, been there, not as bad as I thought in the some areas - hell in others.
Machines - easy, ladies - no problem
but their system forces you to do rhythmical exercises between the machines! Does anybody remember those aerobic dance moves from way back? Well, I am not a dancer, no Mam. I was NEVER able to quite get those moves right, much less put together those individual elements. When it all looked so smooth and easy on the rest of the group, I looked like a first charge robot filled with wrong instructions. I don't need to manage I was always trying to hide in the back row - which in a room of mirrors is not helpful at all - especially with everybody twirling in every direction anyway, which eventually makes you stand out center stage somehow.
And now imagine that scenery on steppers!!!
That's what they ask of me and since this is a circuit-training - you get to face everybody at all times
(not that my backside would be a better view).
Yep. I am getting a lot of attention right now - especially since the instructor is always standing in front of me trying to "help" me by showing everything back-to-front. Harrumph.
But I am making up for it - I exceed myself by doubling the tempo on the machines.
Let the ladies digest and beat that HA!