Friday, January 10, 2014

(not MY foot, but that's about what it
looked BEFORE I experimented
with various ointments )
Ok. Sorry about the delay yesterday - my "frozen" toes (many years ago) intended to kill me (way too recently). After some fruitless applications of three different ointments (three  trips to three different pharmacies to get different opinions) - each one made it worse - and the intake of some painkiller overdoses (ok 2000mg of Ibuprofen won't kill me) that didn't do much either, I frantically searched my brain (yes, still worked somehow) for some of the old remedies my Grandma used to talk about that I only nodded to, but never really paid overmuch attention. There some synapses connected chilblains to potatoes.                                                   

At that point I would have let my cat pee on my toes if that would have been any help. Sacrificing a potato certainly seemed like a worthwhile investment.
So there - thin sliced raw potatoes got neatly arranged on my foot and... INSTANT RELIEVE!!!
I could have cried out of mere gratitude to that unsightly vegetable covering my skin - amazing!
Ended up repeating the procedure twice (the potatoes got warm after a while, so first turned them over before replacing - and no to the funny witted: They where not done and I did certainly not keep them for future use. I gave them to the ravens instead ;) ), before tying the last layer to my foot with some linen, covering that with a sock.
That's how I went to sleep.
And sleep I got!
And this Morning?
Shriveled potatoes and foot almost as new!
I tell you, those people in our past - they really new how to put nature to their use!
And today I tried this version:
Bit gross to look at - but the feel!!! (not my feet)
So, what secret remedies have you been introduced to by - maybe your Grandparents?!
I'd be curious to find out more amazing secrets to put to use!