Friday, January 3, 2014

I just spent the past 96 minutes to dispel the bandage I applied to the missing part of my thumb on New Years Eve.
NOT a pleasant excercise and I am far from the overly sensitive when it comes to blood and the likes.
I mean I kind of reared myself on Horror movies and until "the frogs" I had laughing fits watching the likes. Alas after the last I developed an - even my already huge imagination - overwhelming coming to live story building in my brain that extensively involved crickets, spiders, maggots and - no, not frogs - but people in general as long as they entered greenhouses...
To extract a bandage that was absorbed by the missing part of my thumb - lets call it multiple layers of skin - proofed to be a more difficult thing than I ever imagined. Being the usual "Oh just rip it off!" type of person, I was thoroughly tested as what slowly appeared underneath was nothing I really cared to investigate at this point. Even worse - it reminded me of the missing part and my - never slowing down - imaginary mind revolved around puzzle of where that piece actually ended up at?!
First things first.
Bathe in warm water - hold tight with the other - oh thank heaven!!! - whole thumb and SLOWLY cut micro-milimeter  (or what is the next one down the scale?) tiny winy bits off....
Hurt like hell.
And once it was off...
... I got really sick.
And totally intrigued!
Know what? There is absolute obscure fascination watching the inside of yourself from the outside!
I'd definitely never managed to get that far down before. At least not on my own and without severe anesthesia.
Cool color! No, really!
But nonetheless: it's a HOLE!!!
Darn, there is a HOLE in me that was definitely NOT planed by creation and that is turning my already Topsy-turfy world upside down: HOW will it fill itself again? Will it fill itself again? Will my thumb ever be curvy again or will it from now on sport that rather sharp edge??
And where did the rest of me go? What the h... did I DO?!
Oh. Remember. When I chopped myself up along with a bunch of carrots, I was trying to fulfill LAST years New Years resolution - basically during the last minutes: To cook a meal once a year.
It was 8.45 pm on December 31st 2013 - what could I do?
So there we go - the carrots for my Irish-BigSis-favorite-beef&raisindumplings-stew...
One should really, really be more selective and careful about picking a goal for the new year.
After I had wrapped my leftovers in an entire roll of self-adhesive bandage, cleaned up the bloody mess and got over the initial light-headedness, I discovered that it came out quite well by the way.
No wonder after all those hours of unattended simmering.
And probably some special ingredient.
Don't worry, I was all by myself...
Incredible recipe! :)