Thursday, January 9, 2014

More about foxies... as promised!

Ok, so first here are the videos from our first foxbabiy-batch (excuse my over-excited reactions and the bad camera - as I said, I only got the camera for them ;) )


And yes, one of the foxcubs returned eventually, obviously having succeeded in taking over Mom's territory this summer. I haven't seen Mom again since then... :(

The grown up boy is considerably bigger than Mom was, but still fox size - which mean he obviously fits through a cat entrance - Momo's is a chicken ladder out of the kitchen window, which in addition has a wrought iron grate in front. That way I can leave the window open (during warm season!) and she can come and go at her pleasure, without me having to worry about uninvited visitors.
Or so I thought.
It HAD to be just the night before a last minute decision in attending a conference should take place - I had to leave really early and had arranged Momo's caretaking over the weekend really at last call before going to bed.
Hasty packing and as hasty baking of muffins for my neighbors who would feed and socially serve my feline flatpartner had been finished just before and both heaps waited to be further acknowledged early Morning.
They have both been attended to earlier.
Extremely early Morning I woke up to quite a commotion in the kitchen and instantly called out "Stop it Momo!!"
- who stirred right next to me with a wide yawn.
Watchcat indeed.
I stormed out to discover a rather undisturbed fox trying to get a BAG of catfood to squeeze through the window grate. I lost the wrestle for it - but he fell with it off the catladder. HA!
That was it though - quite unimpressed by my shouting at him and get him to at least get lost - he just stayed right where he was - below my window and tried to get his prey to open up.
I moved to the next window with a pitcher of water - to get a better sight of and aim at him, but if I would have been so mad at him, it would've been quite amusing: as I splashed the water at him, he merely hoped - yes HOPED!! - on all fours ever so slightly to the side and then starred at me drooling with a lock like "Is that ALL you've got?! Come on!!"
As it was dawning and I was really intent on getting another hour of sleep I retreated with MY tail tugged (do NOT picture that!) back to bed - not before I had the window closed to a bare slit - just to keep an idea for Momo should she need to get out.
Mighty huntress had gone back to sleep by then.
Couldn't have been long after that - I almost fell out of my bed because of unconscious watchfulness -
noise in the kitchen - again!
I - out of bed - stunbling over everything and almost breaking my neck and some toes (not in that order) - there he was again: He just SAT there and indulged on MY BREAKFAST CROISSANTS!!!
Now he really got a chase out - didn't seem to mind - he was already on the last one...
Oh - and thirty minutes later I discovered that he had had the muffins as well...
 I will NEVER babysit foxes again!
Remind me.
Just in case.

(btw. I called the local wildlife department to see if they would kind of ... well... "pick him up" or something. City after all - and MY kitchen! Their answer: nope, obviously he's HAPPY there and grew up there. I complained that he might have rabies or something - nope, unlikely. A. there wasn't a case in the past 30 years and B. he still enjoyed sweets. WT.?! Their advise: Just don't keep any food there and he will get bored! It'S a KITCHEN for heaven's sake!!!)