Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fresh starts and so on...

Ok, if you made it here, you have either left my old blog(s) behind (so have I!) - good for you - or you plainly got lost because of too much party and alcohol and somehow stumbled over this one.
Don't worry - it happened before. I stumble over myself at least once a day - the rest is reserved to the new old cat in my life (four legged creature).
Now let's face it: EVERYBODY starts a new life, sets new goals and commits to write a blog on the first of January - every year again. To avoid that totally risky business and hopefully progress beyond the second of January, I made that my starting point.
Clever, mmhh?!
Oh, and this is going to get so much better! You might even be able to improve your German - or English - as for a matter of fact  I intend to switch back and forth between the two ;)
Because my everyday life and personal thoughts evolve in English, while in my role as Trainer, Educational Manager and Pedagogue I will try to form straight thoughts in German - out of respect for the people I intend to work with. That's going to be difficult - the forming of straight thoughts that is - so bare with me!
So what did you do for New Years Eve? Anything exiting? In regards of resolutions? Like stopping by every day?! Just kidding - I assume at this point you still have plans for 2014 - and you should! After all that sh.t in 2013 - RIP - it can only get better.  I have actually met only two people this Morning who have already forsaken their good intents in the light of staying loyal to their true being. I assume that's a good cut since I was just getting my Morning paper and only stepped on my door met to retrieve it.
If I would have ventured even further, would I have lost my spirit immediately by encountering a depressive amount of fall-backs - or would I have gotten some new inspirations (and not just for this incredible outpour of struggling creativity)?
Well, I didn't dare take the risk and retreated back to my own safe haven.
After all it was NEVER my intention to cut back on long relaxing breakfasts followed by a "well done!" praline... Queen for the day!